Come Sail & Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise!  Let's Go Cruising in High Style 

Aboad the Luxurious Royal Caribbean!
 Setting Sail From Tampa, Florida  
Saturday, Nov. 4th to Friday Nov. 10th, 2017

 Havana, Cuba plus Cozumel, Mexico 
"Get Ready for Leisure & Learning" on the High Seas!  

So, Why Should YOU Be On This Cruise?

Every year, renowned speaker / author / trainer Sharon Frame creates a life-thrilling get-away of Leisure and Learning at sea for her clients, colleagues and business friends.

This year, for the LeadHERship Cruise’s 5th anniversary, Cuba and Cozumel will be the destinations and backdrop for guests’ royal relaxation as well as business development. 

Come hone your business skills...

This is cruise for speakers and entrepreneurs who want to hone their craft, develop their sales, marketing and networking skills, and polish their speaking ability. Want bragging rights as an International Speaker? You’ll get that opportunity to Lead From The Stage.™

Come build life-long friendships & business partnerships... 

This is not just a business expedition, it’s an interactive mastermind at sea. Here you will be able to network, meet and build relationships, learn from your peers and help grow each other’s businesses and careers. … All this on a sunny, relaxing luxury cruise ship bound for paradise, and -not- in a cold, stuffy hotel or conference room.

  • This is a cruise especially for speakers & authors who want to expand their speaking territory, and deliver their message on an international platform. Want to learn the secrets to not just speak, but make money? Learn to Monetize Your Message.
  • For speakers who want to know how to effectively network and build abiding relationships that will support their business and generate profitable speaking gigs. 
  • For speakers who want to learn to art of story-telling, and strategies for becoming high-performers from the platform, to reach their audience on a deeper, more meaningful level.
  • Come polish your business speaking skills, meet with and learn from award-winning speakers, best-selling authors and coaches...


This is a cruise especially for entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses and get help moving forward through the power of masterminds...

  • Come mastermind with your peers and develop lasting, profitable partnerships
  • Share your expertise and be a blessing in other people’s lives
  • Come get help finding your voice and standing in your space of power as an entrepreneur
  • Expect individual time and personal attention from our Cruise Partners and Business Experts to help grow in life and business
  • Leave inspired, empowered and connected to potentially new business partners and life-long friends

This is a cruise especially for fun and Leisure and fantastic island explorations, with two full days in Cuba!

  • Fun excursions, exciting ports of call, island tours, duty-free shopping
  • Exploration of Havana’s people, culture, cuisine, mysteries and intrigue
  • All-you-can-eat on board your cruise ship, including 24-room service
  • Relaxing spas, pool-side lounge, balmy beach strolls
  • Power-packed business and self-development seminars
  • Karaoke, scavenger hunts, dancing, late-night pizza run
  • Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate in paradise

Check Out Just Some Of The FUN Had By All,
Leisure and Learning On Our Prior LeadHERship Cruises...



This is a cruise especially for giving back...

To satisfy the fourth anchor in Sharon Frame’s LeadHERship philosophy: Stewardship, which is to honor our blessings and talents by blessing others; lift as we climb, mentor, tithe and serve others less fortunate.

  • Spread love, through deeds, to the needy in Cuba
  • “Voluntoursim:” Distributing toiletries, inspiration, empowerment message to the people of Havana
  • Donate proceeds from book sales to women’s organization that serves women and children in need
  • Conduct humanitarian community service and acts of kindness on the islands

So, what can you contribute to the LeaadHERship Cuba Cruise?

Become a Cruise-Partner: This cruise is by invitation only to a select list of peers we want to travel, grow and do business with. 

In turn, you can invite people you think deserve to go along on this fantastic, majestic experience at sea.    
First, CLICK HERE To Claim Your Cabin, then...Learn how you can become a Cruise Partner, get thirty minutes of stage time to deliver your message, and make thousands of dollars while on this relaxing vacation.


So, what’s stopping you?

It’s obvious, taking this cruise is a no-brainer!  Now, you may be wondering, how much will it cost me to go on an extravagance of this magnitude?  Well, let’s talk about how much it will cost you if you DON’T go.   Most people are familiar with the term ROI, which means, Return On  Investment. But have you heard of the term COMO- The Cost of Missed Opportunity?

  • How much will you lose if you just sit home?
  • How much can you gain by joining us on this trip to Cuba?  Gains:
  • Being among the first people to cruise to Cuba
  • Push away from the busyness of life, exchange the tiresome rat-race for a relaxing, restful, rejuvenating vacation at sea
  • Mingle with like-minded professionals
  • Establish life-long friendships
  • Build significant business partnerships
  • Learn from the best business experts on:

>>> Effective networking

>>> Crafting Your "Offer"

>>> Marketing

>>> Monetizing your message

>>> Transitioning from author to platform speaker

>>> Speaking with clarity, confidence and conviction

>>> Becoming the authority and go-to person in your industry


We are ready to “go overboard for you”

Again, you will not only be among the first people to cruise Cuba and have an enlightening experience. You’ll be learning career-boosting skills in a mastermind setting with your peers while enhancing your business and fostering new friendships… all the while having FUN!

Come set a better sail on The LeadHERship Cruise

Sharon Frame’s LeadHERship teaching is anchored on four principles: Ownership, Relationship, Scholarship and Stewardship. (To Own, To Love, To Learn, To Give) and as LeadHERship Cruise Partner & World Cruise Planner, Captain Lou Edwards, adds: “The BEST Ships Are FRIENDShips!” 


The wave of self-improvement...

So, this is much more than a fascinating trip to Cuba on the luxurious Royal Caribbean… which is fine.

It’s about going on the 5th annual LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise with Sharon Frame… and come back much improved in life and in business! And that’s super fine!

The experience will be priceless!  And the memorable moments will last a life time!  


Cuba Opens A Window & Fascinates The World: Curious Travelers Rush to Be Among the First to Explore.

Come be among the first to experience Cuba!  The doors have swung open for world travelers to visit this once forbidden island-nation.

Sharon Frame’s LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise is sailing to Havana, Cuba to celebrate its 5th anniversary. It promises to be a once-in-a-life time experience you won’t want to miss!

When We Sail: November 4-10, 2017 leaving from Tampa, Florida

Destinations: Havana, Cuba & Cozumel, Mexico

Our luxurious six-day cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Sea will dock in Havana for two thrilling days, giving you multiple opportunities to explore the island that’s been virtually untouched by time.













  • Destination: Havana, Cuba & Cozumel, Mexico
  • Dates: November 4-10, 2017 Six-Days On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: The Empress of the Seas
  • Departure: Tampa, Florida (Saturday- Friday)
  • Prices based On Double Occupancy
  • Luxurious Junior Suites:  $1,999 per person SOLD OUT!
  • Luxurious OceanView: $1,599 per person
  • Inside Cabin:  $1,399 per person                         
  • To Claim One Of The BEST Remaining Staterooms, CLICK HERE To Place Your $250 Per Person Deposit ASAP!  Cruise ship booking up FAST!

  I Can't WAIT to welcome you aboard!

Sharon Frame - LeadHERship Cruise